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Jeep Tour



The Greek mainland is excellent for a jeep tour; sandy roads, deep gorges, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers and lost little villages make a jeep tour through Greece an unforgettable experience!
During this 8-days journey you will learn to know the rough side Greece. Of course a visit to the Oracle of Delphi and its famous Meteora monasteries will not be left out for a visit. The hotels are selected with care having in mind there location and their traditional style.




The route starts from Athens via Livadia to Delphi. It is obvious from the beginning that the old Greeks were masters in finding the perfect locations; the view over the valley is magnificent and they can see the Golf of Corinth and even the high mountains of North – Peloponnesus. An excursion with a Dutch speaking guide is possible.

After the visit to Delphi they will travel through the wonderful rough nature passing the lake of Mornos. The mountain Vardousia is a real challenge for the driver. The jeeps will for sure take the attention of some inhabitants of small villages through which the route is laid out in. An overnight in the surrounding of Karpenisi and the journey continues through the unknown area Agrafa (literally ‘not written’) where the river Tavropos made its way. The lake of Tavropou, also known as Plastira, gets its water from this river. Around the lake you will find villages and areas for recreation and a delicious lunch in one of the villages is a must. To reach the final destination of the day, Metsovo in one of the famous ski areas of Greece, they will cross a part of the big Pindos mountain chain with its big rivers and waterfalls. A good bed rest is definitely necessary after this day.
Then the journey goes to the Zagori Mountains where 2 nights will be spend in a traditional accommodation. The beautiful villages of Papingo, Kipi and Aristi will be visited and the very impressive deep Vikos gorge. It is possible to go all the way to the border with Albania at the Molidoskepastos. Ioannina, lying beautiful on a lake with its small island Pamvotis, which is also worth a visit.

The day after, the trip goes to the Pelion area; passing the Meteora, a breathtaking phenomenon, steep rocks from out of nowhere with on their tops ancient monasteries. From the biggest monastery, Megalo Meteora, you have the most incredible view on the Pindos mountain chain.

The tour ends at the Pelion, one of the greenest areas of Greece. A final roundtrip over this peninsula makes the journey complete before travelling back to Athens.


Through Agrafa
Mountainous landscape in South Pindos
The monasteries at Meteora
Crossing the river Acheloos
The artificial lake of Kremaston