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Day trip along the highlights of Ancient Greece.

The Peninsula

This day excursion is really popular because people will see a lot in just a short time. By coach they leave early in the morning under guides of a professional guide to the Peloponnesus. The first sightseeing is the long Canal of Corinth. The canal is still in use by ships and it is very impressive to see from above how the ships are being towed through the canal by a tug-boat.
After this stop the road continues along the capricious, green east coast to Epidaurus. Here a visit to the old impressive theatre, which is well known because this theatre has a tremendous good acoustics; even on the last row the visitors are able to hear what is being said on stage! Having tested the sound affects it is time to have a great lunch in one of the taverns at the coast. After the lunch it is only a 10 km drive to the idyllically town Nafplion for a coffee stop.
The last archaeological site to visit for the day, before going back to Athens, is Mycene with the world-famous lion gate and the grave of Agamemnon.