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This trip starts in Athens and ends in Thessaloniki. The main attention for this trip is the nature and a few of the most important sites of Greece. During this journey the Parnassos – and Pindos mountains will be crossed and also a stop will be made at the lake of Prespes.







The Acropolis

The group arrives at the airport of Athens and, depending on the arrival time, can still visit the Acropolis with the world famous Parthenon temple and the Erechtion.

The next day the trip starts with a ride to Delphi. It is possible to visit the waterfalls in Livadia where it is cool and green. In Delphi the archaeological site and the museum, where the well know statue of Wagenmenner is, will be visited.


The group can enjoy the nature during the ride from Delphi over the high mountains of Parnassos to Kalambaka where they will visit the Meteora monasteries. These monasteries are built high on enormous rocks of granite.

The next day it is westwards to the traditional mountain village Metsovo, famous for the smoked cheeses. Another stop will be made in Ioannina where in the city centre the mosque Ali Pasha is being visited and a small excursion made to the small island of Pamvotis which is located in the lake in Ioannina. The hotel is located in the quite mountain village Monodendri, one of the so called Zagorochoria.

The day will be filled with exploring this beautiful rough mountain area with its many small villages, unique old bridges, very high mountain tops and the deepest gorge of Greece, the Vikos Gorge.

In the upper Northwest of Greece are the untouched Prespa Lakes, a beautiful area where every one falls quite because of the magnificent beauty that they find here. Many rare birds still have their brooding place. After a journey by little fishing boats on the lake the group will spend the night in Kastoria.


Having enjoyed and admired the beauty of Greece’s nature, today there will be a visit to a highlight of archaeological findings; the Kings grave of Filippos II, the father of Alexander the Great, and the detailed golden jewellery from the graves in Vergina. Via Veroia the day ends in Thessaloniki.

Depending on the departure time the next day, the group can visit the important monuments of this city like the White Tower, the Galerius Archer and the Rotonda. The group will leave straight from the airport of Thessaloniki or via the airport of Athens.