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During this trip 3 of the most beautiful Cyclades islands, each with their own character will be visited: Santorini, Naxos and Tinos. Santorini, the volcano island with big variety on colours and its high cliffs; Naxos, the biggest and greenest island of this group and Tinos, this island is full with churches and pigeon-houses.

Atlantida; Plato's lost Civilization

The group arrives on Santorini by airplane or by ferry from Piraeus. On this island there are 2 day programmes. On day 1 there is a bus ride over the island to the town of Pyrgos where a wine factory will be visited, the monastery Profitis Ilias, the capital Fira and the village of Oia, from where you have great view over the caldera: the crater of the volcano. Also a visit to the site Akrotiri, the so called Pompeii (in 2007 closed for restoration work) will take place.


The second day the group will make a boat ride to the heart of the volcano, to the Kammeni islands. Here, there is the possibility to swim in the warm water sulphate springs. In the afternoon there is a short visit to the Thirassia Island.
On Naxos there are also 2 day programmes. Of course there will be a visit to the famous Kouros of Apollonas. Further a lot of attention will go to the picturesque villages Chalki and Apiranthos. The group will visit a liqueur factory and there is time for beach and sun.
Directly or via the island of Paros the group arrives on the island of Tinos. On Tinos there will be 3 day programmes. During one of these day tours, the group will go to the beautiful and big monastery Kechrovouni, than to the small village Volax, so idyllistcal located at the edge of a ‘moon landscape’ with enormous rocks, followed by Kolymbithra, a small town near the sea where a great lunch will be served and where there is time to swim! At the foot of mountain Exobourgo is the village Loutra where, especially for the group, the folklore museum opens its doors.
On the second day program the group goes to the west side of the island, to Pyrgos and Ormos Panormou. In this area the beautiful pigeon towers can be admired.
During the third day program is an excursion to the island of ancient Delos (via Mykonos), where wonderful excavations are found. The marble Lion gallery is world famous.
By ferry the group travels to Piraeus and from there to travel to the international airport of Athens to return home.