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What is more beautiful than exploring the landscape by foot? Ancient old donkey paths, often nicely paved, are a treat for the walker. On most Cyclades islands many of these donkey paths are still in tact. Especially on Amorgos you will find the kalderimia, the Greek word for these paved paths.

Myth of Greek Islands


Amorgos is reachable 6 days a week directly by ferry from the harbour of Piraeus. On this island half of the week will be spend on the southern side of the island in Katapola and the other half of the week on the northern part of the island in the surrounding of Egialli.
A short hike from Katapola through a magnificent valley to the capital of Amorgos, will take the walker to Chora. It is very nice to stroll around this town getting lost in the pretty alleys. The monastery Valsamitis is of interest to go and see and also the excavations of the acropolis of Minoa.
A longer walk goes from Katapola to the southwest part of the island, to Arkesini. A great trek with continues view at the sea, will take the walker over quite paths and through small hamlets. An excursion is possible to the ruins of old Arkesini.
The most beautiful walk of this trip is without doubt the crossing of the island from Chora to Egialli. Just outside Chora is the wonderful monastery Chozoviotissa which ‘hangs’ on a steep cliff. The group follows the mountain trail crossing the island passing the most quite and deserted area of Amorgos.
From Egialli there is a pretty route via the higher located mountain villages Langada and Tholaria. A great walk through green and flowery fields with constantly a view on the bay and the sea. At the end of the day there is time for a refreshing dive before returning to the hotel. Instead of a swim, there is also a possibility to walk to the ruins of old mills on a nearby hill. From this hill you can see many of the surrounding Cyclades islands.

A minimum stay of 3 nights is recommended to see the island of Naxos by foot.  During one of these hikes over mule paths and passing picturesque villages, the group ends the day at the so called Kouros of Melanes. A Kouos is a big marble statue of a young man from the old ages, made out of 1 piece of marble. This Kouros has been left behind because of its broken leg.
Another route takes the group to the top over the dominant mountain Zas, named after the god Zeus and with its 1004m it is the highest mountain of the Cyclades. Of course are the different views on this day magnificent.

Also for Santorini a minimum stay of 3 nights should be planned so you are able to explore the island walking. The arrival by ferry on this island, an explode volcano, is extraordinary. The view of the different colours of the rocks is an unforgettable experience.
One of the many routes that you can walk starts at the archaeological excavations of Thira and takes the hiker over old paths through a rural area to the black beach of Perissa. Via the interior of Santorini with its extensive wine fields, the route ends in Akrotiri.
A ‘must’ is the hike along the edge of the crater from Fira to Oia; a walk with different views on the crater and on the edge built white houses. There is enough time to enjoy the many alleys of Fira and Oia before the trip ends.

There are several flights each day from Athens to different destinations and also several ferries are sailing each day from Piraeus (during high season!).