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Many Christians travel to Greece to visit the locations where the Apostle Paul used to preach. During this round trip emphasize is on these locations but also some other important archaeological sites of Greece will be visited.




The trip starts in Thessaloniki where the Apostle Paul spoke to the people of Thessaloniki. In this historical city is the first overnight stay. The most important sites will be visited.

Basilica of Philippi
Basilica of Philippi

The next day the group will travel eastward to the city of Kavala. From Kavala an excursion will be made to Amfipolis and Philippi where the Apostle Paul and Silas spoke to the people. In Kavala itself a visit to the old town, the former port Neapolis, will be made. At the end of the day the group travels back to Thessaloniki for the overnight.
In the trace of Apostle Paul the group travels to Veroia for a visit to this historical place. From here it is not far to the archaeological site of Vergina, where the grave of King Philippi II, the father of Alexander the Great, has been found. The day ends in the picturesque mountain village Portaria in the Pelion.
Via Thermopylae then to Athens. In Athens the Areos Pagos, the Acropolis, the Agora and the archaeological museum will be visited. There is also time for a stroll in the narrow streets of Plaka, the old city centre of Athens.

The spot where St. Paul spoke in Corinth (Vema)
The spot where St. Paul spoke in Corinth (Vema)

The next day a tour to Ancient Corinth will be made. Here the Apostle Paul spoke to the Corinthians. There will be a stop at the Canal of Corinth and in the afternoon there is free time to shop in Athens centre.
By plane the group travels to Samos and then per ferry to the island of Patmos. On Patmos it is nice to stroll through the small village and enjoy the peacefulness and quietness of this place.
The last day on Patmos is one of the highlights of this trip: the group will visit the Cave of the Apocalypse, where the disciple St. John the Theologian heard the voice of God and wrote the Apocalypse. This cave has been added by the Unesco in 2006 to the list of World Heritage Sites. The nearby monastery dedicated to the disciple dates from 1.100 after Christ, and will be visited as well.
The day before departure is a day to relax and enjoy the beautiful island of Patmos. One may go for a swim or a walk or rent a car to explore the island further.
On the last day the group travels back to Samos per ferry. Here the group may spend some time depending on the time of the departure flight.